This is Me

Hi guys, I am a teen girl from England. I have an obsession with words and their meaning. I have quotes and phrases scattered around my room and my collection is ever-expanding. My mind loves to think about the deeper meaning of certain words. Even I think it is strange that I feel such a connection to certain quotes or phrases. As you can tell from my name, my favorite word is Dream, it has such a good meaning. You can have a dream or aspiration, but unless you act upon it will stay as a dream. You are the only person that can make your dreams come true.

I also love hair and different hairstyles. Almost every day I am trying to come up with something new that I can do with my hair. I can spend hours on the internet looking up different hairstyles and up-do’s that I can try out on my own hair. In the future I may post some tutorials and my take on some hairdo’s that I like and do often. So these are a couple of my interests and I would love to share these and more of the things that I love with you. I hope that you enjoyed my first post and would like to come back for another in a while. Welcome to my blog!